Born in Miami, FL and raised in La Plaine, Haiti I have always been passionate about creating events. I am so grateful for my parents who have always pushed to be my best in whatever I do. They saw the event planning passion in me before I could recognize it myself. When I was younger they always let me plan small parties at home and at church. I remember distinctively when I was 10 years old I planned and facilitated my best friend’s 10th birthday party. It was the biggest event I had planned and executed so well at such a young age, I knew then that my purpose was to create special events.

A close friend once asked me, why is it important to you to pursue an entrepreneurship career in event planning? And without hesitation the following words came out of my mouth. “What I love about events is not the event itself but it’s the journey of making my client’s vision a reality.” Hence, it’s the planning, the anticipation, the creation of a vision for the client thinking about the colors, the ambience and all the small details from what the food signs will be, to the big picture of the date and time of the event, that’s what makes me happy. When I think about my life and my future, I see myself constantly creating a vision not just for my client but for me too. In an imperfect world where there is so much hurt, I get to create a perfect day for someone who has been anticipating that day for some time. So in short, I love events because it allows me to bring happiness to someone for one day which they will remember for the rest of their lives.